The Real Truth

Life is difficult. Often we find ourselves in impossible situations, where every solution results in defeat. Sometimes we surrender, we allow the situation to control us. Sometimes we fight on. We find courage, inspiration to fight for our dreams in stories that infuse us with the scarce phenomenon that is hope for a ‘happy’ ending. If before those stories were told to us by people we knew, now we have access to many more tellers through many types of media and most explicitly the visual industry. Especially the movies about brave heroes, impossible quests and horrific enemies inspire us to never surrender without a fight and always, always stand up for what we believe in.

While childhood is an important period of our didactic life, it is important to realize that throughout our entire life we keep learning. Every source of intellectual, but also emotional information has the power to forever change us. It creates great opportunities to grow, to develop into people we never thought we could become. But like everything in this world, where is great potential for goodness there is always a greater potential for evil.

The people in power and the ones that desperately seek it have an uncontrollable hunger to control us and make us subjects to the ideals and the immorality that is so profitable to them. The government often uses all possible means to control its population. There are many examples in the history of the world of huge masses believing in gold wrapped lies, ending in disastrous breakdowns. One of the greatest examples is the Soviet Propaganda Program.

The Soviets knew that the Russian Empire could not afford falling apart in lesser states. But how does one control the biggest country in the world, where hundreds of ethnicities, dozens of religious groups, people with such different beliefs and values live? Well, the Soviets understood that every faction wanted what was in their best interests. So the goal was simply to comply: make every faction believe it’s in their interest to stay within one big strong Russia.

While the Soviets did punish many minorities severely for rising against them, they also understood that fear alone could not keep millions of people under their control. They needed everyone to believe in the Soviet Ideals. The best way to do so was through efficient propaganda, that would consciously and unconsciously make people genuinely believe what the soviets wanted them to believe. Throughout all media the Soviet government was portrayed as just and good, while it precedent, the Tsarist government, was portrayed as incompetent and cruel. If it was hard to maintain the perfect profile during the years of economic growth then it became impossible to maintain in periods of economic hardships. Eventually people saw the ugly truth of communistic rule, but when they did it was too late.

As it was for the people in the Soviet Union, it is important for us to question the legitimacy of the messages we receive and to seek the motives of the tellers that so dearly whisper in our ears. Only then will we find anything even slightly close to the truth. The question to ask yourself, is whether you can handle the real truth.




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