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Blue Monday? ( so what?) DEAL WITH IT!

From non-official and non-academical sources I found out that despite the popular names’ days of  Doubravka in Czech Rebublic, Lidia and Maria in Russia and Andrzej, Bernard, Erwins, Erwina, Eufemia, Henryk, Kanut, Mariusz, Marta, Matylda, Mechtylda, Pia, Raicmir and Saras in Poland  we celebrate today also something what we call the ‘blue Monday’. While even some people out of Slavic culture could not know what the name day is, I am pretty sure the blue Monday poses a bit more mysterious and creates some doubts. Anyway I would like to explain both.

According to non-Wikipedia definition the name day is:

  • a nifty trick of omitting to share with the rest of the population how old we are. Thus, mostly old people do not celebrate birthdays anymore as the candles cost more than the cake but still they have something instead and can invite their friends to some kind of a party,
  • a reason for sharing some vodka with non-popular named people who also appear in calendar
  • a reason why people should keep a regular eye on agenda of calendar not only in their toilets
  • some higher determinant for usage of the onomastics and looking carefully for a choice of the guardian in Christianity

As you see, the name day brings just a few doubts and more or less is a cheerful day. The situation is different with blue Monday. Blue Monday is a term coined by Cliff Arnall which describes the name of the Monday of the last full week of January, purported to be the most depressing day of the year. So welcome depression and I start my regular blog’s oppression. Although there are a few indications why the term given by Cliff Arnall became an official name but my conclusions are rather simpler. I believe there are sort of the names like Cliff,  which provide enough dose of ambiguity and do not appear in the calendars, thus a person has to be born twice (life at the cliff) and in general it does not make a day a very positive one.

I have no clue if your Monday turned out into blue or some more greenish because you evince synesthetic intelligence like Vladimir Nabokov or Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, but hence the blue Monday exists even in Wikipedia  I would like to describe in the following entry something beyond my cyclical blogs entries, something out of the blue which would be the artistic group from Russia named – ‘the blue noses’. Maybe the work of that group would cheer somebody up at this the most depressive day (well, honestly I know more depressive days, but let’s  leave the stories for another blue Tuesday or Orange Wednesdays)

The Blue Noses, an artistic duo consisting of Alexander (Sasha) Shaburov and Vyacheslav (Slava) Mizin, was founded in 1999.  The name was named after the Swedish Vodka Absolut Blue.

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Russian absolutisme

The group is known for their satirical and oft-times provocative works and parodies of stereotypical meanings of Russia. They criticize  society, art, politics, and religion. Using decidedly low-tech-budget methods in their artistic works, these are often marked by pure nonsense, everyday situation humor. Some have labeled them as  representatives  of post ‘’dumb and dumber’’  generation  art scene.

The group is known from couple of projects such as  “Shelter Beyond Time,” which displays the experience of life as it might be after a nuclear disaster. The pair spent three days in an abandoned bomb shelter in the center of Novosibirsk without clocks, alcohol, or contact with the outside world.

The duo’s most well-known project is the photograph, “Era of Mercy,” which features two Russian militiamen locked in a passionate kiss in the midst of a snowy birch forest.  The photo was a main advertisement during Amnesty International Festival – Movies that Matter in  Hague in  2013.

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Era of Mercy

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Era of Mercy 2

The photo was not displayed in Paris, although it did make the front pages of several international papers. Somewhat surprisingly displayed by Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery and Sakharovs Center next year. In 2008 the group won the Kandinsky prize for the best project of the year. There was no scandal when it was shown here in Russia,” Mr Shaburov said. “The aim of our work is to take cliches and to make them as absurd as possible. We enjoy taking newspaper headlines and transforming them into something idiotic.”

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The Blue Noses – Chechen Marilyn

Also in 2005, the duo created another controversial photographs  called: Chechen Marilyn and ‘’Mask show’’.

The group creates also the pastiche of Suprematist art movement, founded by Russian artist Kazimir Malevich in 1915. It includes the series:, “Kitchen Suprematism and “Sex Suprematism.”

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From the series “Kitchen Suprematism”

According to an art collector Igor Markin  ’their humor is understandable but deep in the Russian soul. Not everyone gets Blue Noses, because they make work that is a joke.  Dear readers, below I am posting some works and videos of the Blue Nose, I do not know if it made your blue Monday slightly better one, but hopefully it has just depicted again that Russia is not a country but state of mind where blue is absolutely the warmest colour.



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the Hot-heads

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our daily bread

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new fools Gods – global warming

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